Do you need to repair damaged floor boards?
We can weave-in new flooring materials with your existing wood floors, repairing cracked, gouged, or water-damaged floor boards.  

Hardwood Flooring Installation & Repair

Do you need to remove an existing floor? 
We can remove the your existing wood, tile, carpet, or other material, and install brand new wood floors. You can choose a prefinished stain, or we can finish the floors on-site!

EverWood Flooring offers professional installation and expert wood floor repair services. We also provide information on the flooring products we work with. All products can be purchased and delivered to you or bundled with our installation or repair services for a complete flooring solution. 

For even more detail...
The National Wood Flooring Association has a very information, detailed collection of many different wood species, both domestic and imported. This is great resource when trying to decide on a type of flooring and narrow down your choices. You can even see images of the wood with both water-based and oil-based finishes to give you an idea of what to expect with each finish: NWFA Species Gallery.

You can also read about the environmental benefits of wood flooring:
Environmental Benefits of Wood Floors.

Wood Floor Installation & Repair Service details are provided below this page, including information on installation and repair services, including ripouts, weaves, water-damage repair.

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Wood Floor Installation & Repair Service

Narrowing your hardwood flooring choices...
There are many options when deciding on the type of wood floor to install: Hard wood or soft wood? Solid or engineered? Prefinished or unfinished? The choices go on and on...

As you're researching, here are some things to consider:

  • The shape, size, and location of the room(s) where the wood floor will be installed.
  • The climate and humidity of the space.
  • Are you matching an existing wood finish somewhere else in your home?

Answering these questions will help you get started and narrow your choices as you come closer to your decision. We can discuss the choices that are available to you and all of the options you are considering.

EverWood Flooring offers expert hardwood floor repair and hardwood floor installation services. To discuss you installation project or repair needs, contact us so we can discuss your options. Our expert wood floor installers can work with you to address all of your wood flooring needs!

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